- we r fictive heavy because we indulge in a lot of media !!
- please use tone tags with us! it helps a lot. if you don't, it's okay, but its preferred.

DNI if
(insert basic DNI stuff like antisemetic n stuff)
you’re blocked on things (it’s for a reason.)
an irl (unless stated it’s fine)
you think ND traits are “cringe”
if you hate age/pet regression
discourse acc
anti neoprns/xenopronouns
anti-furry ...

PLEASE interact if..
- you like OK KO
- you like sanrio
- you use neopronouns
- you think one of our alters is cool! they will talk to you!!! /g
- you use tone tags !!!!

  • puppy ! {15} (they/them + more) (likes sharks, frogs, dinos and more! also age regresses to 4 !!! ) (core) - and they have a website

  • Honey ! {15} (she/they) (^^ my pretty partner :] ) (Idk my role !! I am just here.)

  • tabbi ! {16} (she/her) (likes angry music >:0!!) (physical protector/anger holder/fictive [source, TKO from OKKO])

  • Frag/Cloud ! {22?? Idk i'm an adult} (she/he) (moth and butterfly enthusiast,,, age regresses to 7-ish) (traumaholder/fictive [source, FragranceMan from OriginSMP])

  • scoot ! {teen} (they/goop/slime) (slime slime slime) (factive [source, a friend of ours], soother)

  • Riddles ! {teen} (she/they) (I LOVE THE RIDDLER) (factive [source, another friend], soother)

  • Dream ! {teen} (he/green) (F*CK VENDING MACHINES) (fictive [source, Dream lol], "public speaker" (not an actual sys term, he talks for ppl who r afraid to!)

  • gnf ! {teen} (it/they) ( hi .. ) (fictive [source, GNF])

  • Eddie ! {teen} (he/him) (Lou d music ... /pos) (fictive [source, Eddie Munson], physical protector)

  • KaNoOdLe {tween-ish} (they/[insert any color]/it) (intrj)

  • Tex Nyvysyn {Adult} (he/hymn) (intrj, prt.) -part of aegis-

  • Zchlatt {adult} (he/him) (intrj, prt.) -part of Aegis Club-

  • Carsyn/Karly {adult} (she/her) intrj, prt.) -part of aegis-

  • Chawlie {adult ?} (they/she/it) (intrj, prt.) -part of aegis-

  • HugBex {adult} (it/she/they) (intrj, prt.) -part of aegis-

  • travez {adult} (he/him) (intrj, prt.) -part of aegis-

  • cscool/cooler {adult} (she/they/cool) (intrj, prt.) -part of aegis-

  • Pokymane {adult} (she/her) (intrj, prt.) -honorary aegis member-

  • SWAGGER {adult} (he/him) (intrj, emotional prt.) -honorary aegis member!-

  • wip cuz we lazy ... :3